3 Benefits Of Outsourcing To The Philippines

3 reasons why outsourcing can be the ultimate upgrade your business needs


The top brands in your niche probably have separate in-house departments for varied aspects of their operations. One for sales and marketing, another for finance, and a couple more depending on the company’s size. 


As much as it’s enticing to also build a huge network of experts who physically report to your office regularly, reality will slap a big NO across your daydream. With a measly budget, I bet you can’t afford to bear the cost of their 9 to 5 shift, along with other operational expenses that come with your dream team.


Tough life, huh?


But today, I’m here to share some good news. Getting things done for your growing business does not have to be a nightmare, and there’s a simpler alternative even novice entrepreneurs can take advantage of!


The key to our woes? Build a team of highly efficient professionals through outsourcing and leveraging overseas employees. 


The popularity of outsourcing in the business world is undeniable. In this article, allow me to walk you through the reasons why it can also be your much-needed fuel to propel your operations.

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#1 – Improved focus on core activities


As entrepreneurs, we all had this urge to micromanage every single aspect of our business. Everything has to be perfect after all!


But if your goal is to grow your small business into an industry boss, trust me – trying to get your small team to cover everything at once will only cause all of you to burn out quickly.


Expect that your back-office operations will expand along with your company’s overall growth. The usual result? Stress overload both for your financial and human resources. It’d be such a struggle to keep up with the new stream of deliverables without compromising your team’s core activities.


Outsourcing can offer an easy fix by taking much load off your back, allowing you to focus on mobilizing your business towards bigger visions and goals. This solution allows you to pass on minor operational necessities and office problems to experts who work off-shore.


Picture this. You just landed a humongous contract that needs a rapid increase in your purchase volumes. By outsourcing procurement tasks, your original team can focus on managing the contract itself and keeping a healthy relationship with your client.


Basic services that outsourced employees can provide include telemarketing, data entry, and virtual assistance work. Meanwhile, technical functions would cover graphic design, digital marketing, and web development.


Remember, time is of the essence for us business owners. It would be such a relief to leave all the repetitive and dauntless tasks to your outsourced professionals who can perfectly take everything into their own hands.

#2 – Trimmed down operational costs

As your raw materials’ cost steadily sizes up, you’ll be faced with the challenge to trim down expenses without sacrificing product quality. Meeting higher sales quotas also requires a bigger team to turn such goals into reality.


Thankfully, among the most compelling reasons for outsourcing is to save cash. 


You get to skip the need to pay for onboarding and training costs. A quick skype call with your potential offshore provider can already prove whether or not their team has the skills and experience you require to manage tasks at hand. Leave the hassle and costs of individual screening and recruitment to them.


Moreover, compensation for outsourced employees is generally cheaper.


Labor usually comprises 20% to 25% of an American company’s monthly operational costs. On top of that, you also have to pay benefits, office rent, electric, and internet expenses. While the average salary rate in the country is $18.50 per hour, you can hire someone from the Philippines or India instead of as low as $8 per hour. 


This means that outsourcing can result in a whopping 196% to 1,056% savings each month!

#3 – Enhanced business efficiency and productivity

Efficient manpower is the key to a business’ productivity and profitability. Count on outsourcing providers to help you create a group of competent individuals that meet your quality standards.


What I love the most about outsourcing is that you can tap a network of professionals who can provide services 24/7. No more missing out on superb business opportunities just because your in-house personnel already have a lot on their plate.


Outsourcing is an amazing way to expand your business and increase your market competitiveness without breaking the bank. Search for the best and brightest off-shore employees and you’d be surprised as to how excellent they could be in seamlessly handling customer service and other operational tasks.

What is the best country to outsource from?

If you’ve been convinced about how outsourcing can do wonders for your business, the next question you might have in mind is where to look for the best off-shore employees to entrust your business with.


My recommendation? The Philippines. 


Here’s why hiring Filipinos is an absolute favorite among many business owners for their back-end operations:

  • The Philippines’ cost of living is way cheaper as compared to that of developed countries. While hiring a fellow American comes with tons of human resource expenses, outsource service providers will absorb all of the health benefits and insurances of offshore workers.
  • Rest assured that Filipinos are among the most talented outsource workers. Featuring a blend of above-average English skills and multiple skills, the Philippines is home to amazing individuals who specialize in data entry, help-desk support, sales and marketing, research, and virtual assistance.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the best outsourcing companies can provide your business with stunning benefits. Accessibility to better talents. Reduced operational cost. More efficient business operation. 


To make the most out of outsourcing, make sure to clearly define your outsourced project. Remember, the success of outsourcing critically depends on how accurate, realistic, and clear your instructions were. It’s a must to be specific about your expected deliverables.  


Moreover, never outsource based on price alone! It might sound tempting, but you’d want to stick to offshore workers who can deliver top-notch output at a reasonable price. What good will a $5 per hour salary bring if what you’ll get in return is substandard service?

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