How To Maximize SEO For Your Company in Dallas, Texas

Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers rely on internet search results to find local information, using either their mobile devices or home computers? If you own a small company in Dallas, Texas, and you depend on local customers for your overhead, then you could be missing out on over 70 percent of potential consumers. 

Google wants to deliver relevant search results for the customer, so they prioritize local Dallas SEO content in the SERP results. You’ll need a robust SEO plan targeted toward local consumers for your company to remain competitive. Here is a comprehensive guide to show you how to optimize your SEO results for Dallas, Texas.

  • How to pick the best SEO company in Dallas, Texas
  • How to zero in on the best local keywords. 
  • How to effectively use Google My Business for SEO purposes
  • How to enhance your SEO by engaging customers on social media
  • How to use location pages or create a local profile for your website to improve local SEO results 
  • How to create a dedicated landing page for better SEO results
  • How to optimize your website for SEO results
  • How to create high quality content geared toward your local community 

How to Pick the Best SEO Company in Dallas, Texas

Knowing how to pick the best SEO company in Dallas, Texas, can be daunting. Where do you start? You don’t want just to pick the first company you find online. You need to do some research and have an idea of what you’re looking for. 

Understanding how Search Engine Optimization works and finding the best way to implement it can seem overwhelming. And even once you have a plan in place, it needs to be maintained and kept current with search engine analytics. If you don’t stay on top of those changes, your plan can quickly become obsolete. 

That’s why finding and hiring an SEO company in Dallas, TX, can make the difference between a good SEO plan and a great plan.

Consider these tips, 

  • Have a basic plan of action before looking for an SEO company
  • Start your search with trusted associates and contacts through word of mouth
  • Choose an SEO company that knows how to communicate well

Have a Plan of Action Before You Start Searching

It’s important to have a plan of action before you start shopping for an SEO company. You might hear the words “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO and feel like it’s a complete mystery. And while there are some marketing strategies that can get complex, understanding basic SEO is easy. 

Search Engines, like Google and Yahoo, aim to be the most trusted resource and produce the best results that users can rely on. They build their search algorithms around search engine user behavior.

Search Engine Users are anyone who searches for results on the internet…someone like you. 

Results are ranked based on what is the most popular or trending terms at the time.  

In essence, you want to optimize your SEO plan based on what local customers are looking for right now. 

    • Develop your marketing strategies
  • Prioritize what is important right now
  • Adjust the SEO plan to best suit your current goals

Once you know what your goals are and your priorities, now it’s time to search for the right SEO company in Dallas. 

Start Your Search with Trusted Associates

When you start your search for the best SEO company in Dallas, you don’t want to start with the highest ranking SEO company on Google. Instead, start with people you know and trust. 

Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising out there. So, reach out to some of your trusted associates and contacts the old fashioned way and see who they’d recommend. The best SEO companies are so busy; they don’t have the need to pay for top ranking spots.

Try to seek counsel from businesses that work in your industry because chances are that the SEO company they recommend will already have experience working with other companies in your field. 

If you can’t find a quality SEO company you feel comfortable with, then do your due diligence and research companies that best line up with your goals. 

Choose an SEO Company that Communicates Well

When you are searching for an SEO company, choose one that communicates well. Meaning, 

They can effectively lay out the plan in clear and concise terms. 

The best SEO companies are able to 

  • Distill SEO terms in easy to understand language -the concepts behind SEO marketing aren’t difficult to understand, just complex. 
  • Avoid shortcuts like keyword stuffing or buying links to rank higher. This harms your business by getting ranked lower in searches. 
  • Make sure you are both on the same page in terms of end goals
  • Develop a working relationship with you that could last for years. Even if you only plan on using them for a few things, it’s crucial to have a company you can trust. 

How to Zero in on the Best Local SEO Keywords. 

Focusing your SEO plan on keywords that reflect your local Dallas community is vital to a successful marketing plan. At least 35 percent of all search traffic is local, and when you zero in on the best keywords, you’re capturing a critical amount of local search traffic. 

Google has a complex algorithm to determine the most relevant result to a user’s search term.   

    • Google’s “spiders” crawl through the web
  • Filtering every page through that formula 
  • Then store their results in an index or database. 
  • When a consumer enters a search term, the results come from that index rather than the live internet. 
  • Local and more targeted results are prioritized over generic or broad terms. 

This is where an effective and targeted SEO strategy can help you beat out stiff competition from larger corporations that market nationwide and have unlimited resources. They usually focus their efforts on things like

  • General Keywords, instead of specific and targeted ones
  • Brand recognition, as opposed to value propositions. 
  • Broad marketing strategies that can’t offer the same benefits a local business can. 

The ultimate goal of any good SEO strategy is to increase your base of loyal local customers.

By optimizing your keywords, you can 

  • Develop more impressions and CTRs on your ads
  • Develop more leads to your website. 
  • Which results in more conversions when they purchase your products and services

Remember, keywords should be relevant to your local customers. Start with Google’s Keyword Planner. It helps you sort through keyword searches based on your location. This helps you

  • Get an idea of the most popular search terms for Dallas, Texas, that relate to your product or service.
  • Then you can create a list of keywords that are relevant to your business and fit within your needs. 
  • Once you have a good list of search terms, include them in your website URL and metadata. 
  • Include popular hotspots and landmark keywords in your website data, as well, if it’s relevant. 

How to Effectively Use Google My Business for SEO 

One of the most effective ways to rank higher on both Google Maps as well as get more visibility in Google search results is by creating a Google business profile on Google My Business. 

Google My Business is a tool Google created to help you tailor your business profile to their search results. It is a place where you can

    • Connect with and see your customers
  • Post updates to your profile
  • See how customers are interacting with your business on Google

To get started with Google My Business, you need to 

  • Create a profile on Google’s business accounts and verify the ownership of the business
  • Enter in all the requested information on Google’s business dashboard, make sure it’s as accurate and up to date as possible. 
  • Include your logo and the products or services you provide
  • Make sure your contact information and hours of operation are current.
  • Let your potential customers know what kind of payments you accept. 

Now your company information will show up in both Google’s local search results and their Google map results. 

Once you’ve created your account, you can further take advantage of this resource

  • By sharing your page links on social media like Facebook and Instagram 
  • Encourage your customers to review your business and leave a comment online
  • Respond to positive reviews and do your best to answer negative comments
  • Create posts on your Google dashboard that announce special offers or events taking place. 

How to Use Social Media to Increase SEO Results  

You can help increase your SEO results using social media. Although it doesn’t directly contribute to your SEO ranking on Google results, it can enhance your results indirectly. 

By sharing your business links across different social media sites, you increase your brand exposure. This can make a difference long term through

  • Increased visibility online and direct organic traffic
  • Helps to enhance your business reputation by boosting brand recognition
  • It amplifies local search results 

By increasing your exposure on social media, you generate “social signals” that reverberate across multiple search engines and social media platforms. This information shows that your posts and content are valuable to your target audience. 

Although it doesn’t affect your SEO ranking directly, social media indirectly increases foot traffic. Because when you create high quality content on social media that connects with your future customers, you offer them something of value. In exchange, they are more likely to share your posts on their social media platforms and help drive traffic to your website. 

You can create high quality content through

  • Blog posts
  • Videos 
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

This type of organic traffic develops leads for your business. Through social media platforms, your high quality shared content 

  • Amplifies attention to your website. 
  • Develop quality backlinks
  • Increase the reach of your content
  • Helps build your brand reputation 

When you generate these social signals, it lets Google know that your website content is credible and authentic. This helps increase your business page rank in Google search results. 

How to Increase SEO Results Through Location Pages 

You can increase your SEO results by adding location pages to your website. This is very important, especially if your business has more than one location in the Dallas area. 


If your local business has multiple locations throughout Dallas, then each store or location needs its own page with unique content. Don’t just duplicate the information, but take the time to customize it for that area. At the barest minimum, each page should include

  • Your store hours
  • The address and phone number of that location
  • A local contact, like a manager, or your name
  • Individual descriptions of each location
  • Any customer testimonials
  • The parking situation
  • Make sure to attach Google maps
  • Any promotions or local events happening at that store.

If you only have one location for your business, then carefully craft a descriptive “About Us” page that caters to the local community. You can do this by

  • Share your brand’s story
    • Let customers know what’s happening behind the scenes
    • Include pictures of you and your employees
    • Keep it updated with current information
    • Have a unique value proposition that directs the customer toward the next action
    • Let your readers know where you are in the Dallas area and how you impact your community. 
  • Add a Google Map link.  

How to Optimize Landing Pages for Better SEO 

Landing pages are created to be standalone web pages created for one product or service. It’s used in marketing or advertising campaigns for when a visitor clicks on an ad via 

  • Email 
  • Search engines
  • Social media sites

It’s important that you create a landing page for each product or service you offer. This is so that search engines can identify your company as the leading authority in your target market. 

If you lump all your products and services together in one page, it lowers your rank on Google or Bing and can hurt you.

If you only offer one service or product, but you have multiple locations, then you can use location specific information to target your local customers. For example, instead of saying “real estate,” you can say “Dallas real estate.”

How to Get Reviews from Satisfied Customers

One of the most important things you can get from your customer is a favorable review. This not only enhances your Google My Business presence but encourages more people to buy your product or service.  

Online reviews are as valuable as personal word of mouth recommendations. Because people are more likely to use your service if there are several glowing reviews. Here are some ways you can get reviews from your customers, 

  • You can ask for a review after the sale is closed, in person.
  • You can send an email or text asking them to write a review after they bought your product.
  • Make sure to respond to reviews in a diplomatic fashion. Thank those customers who gave you a positive review.
  • Address any issues or complaints in a positive fashion and attempt to resolve them if possible. 

Google likes honest and unbiased reviews. They are ok with you asking customers for one. But Yelp discourages you asking customers for a review and instead encourages high quality customer service that is memorable. 

How to Optimize Your Website for SEO Results

Part of your SEO marketing strategy should include ways to optimize your website for better SEO results. Much of this takes place behind the scenes and won’t be seen by the public eye, but it’s still a vital part of your plan. Ways that you can improve your website are

  • By improving your internal linking structure
  • Optimizing your URL and Metadata descriptions
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Optimize your website for voice search words

Improve Your Internal Linking Structure

Improving your website’s internal linking structure is probably one of the most impactful ways to increase your SEO, but it’s one of the most neglected. Businesses are quick to create external links to get the word out. But it’s just as important to have an easily navigable website.

Internal links are built into your website flow and lead the user from one web page to the next inside your website. As opposed to external links, which connect the user to a webpage outside of your site. 

A well laid out website is important because

  • It helps search engines understand how your site is laid out. 
  • By making a navigable website, Google can index your pages better and help it rank your pages better. 
  • It’s easier for users to navigate, making them more likely to commit to your service or product.

If you aren’t comfortable optimizing your website, find a trustworthy designer who can help you. 

Optimize Your URL and Metadata Descriptions 

A great way to increase your SEO is by optimizing your URL and metadata descriptions. Metadata is how search engines decide how and where to display your webpage. You can include metadata in places like

  • URL links
  • Title Tags
  • Headers
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Content
  • Page links

Every time you create a new blog post or a landing page, you generate more opportunities to increase your SEO exposure. You do this by using targeted search phrases with geographic references to your location. 

In turn, this generates more information that search engines can include in their results page or SERPs. Use keywords from your SEO list, preferably high volume ones in the metadata. Make sure that your keywords are consistent in every section of the page or blog post, such as

  • URL link
  • Page or blog title
  • Header
  • Meta description
  • Body of the webpage. 
  • Any photos or images included

When you include metadata in your descriptions and links, make sure you

  • Use keywords that are relevant to your page
  • Try to avoid using the same keywords over and over, but instead use similar keyword phrases. 
  • Keep your descriptions to about 160 characters in length, and make sure to include spaces in that count.

However, you convey the information in your metadata; remember that this SEO content is about giving the search engines enough location specific information to make it relevant to your local consumers. 

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Because almost 90 percent of users conduct searches using their mobile device, it’s important that you ensure your website is mobile friendly. 

When your regular website can be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, it looks like a shrunken down version of your website. It should be able to be used just like a regular website and accessible to customers. 

Users will typically use your website to 

  • Find directions to your store
  • Look up reviews or products
  • Search for contact information or directions
  • Do research 

Some ways that you can optimize your website to be mobile friendly is 

    • Don’t have text-blocking ads or annoying pop-ups
    • Make your information and content easy to find
  • Keep your design layout simple
    • Use large font sizes and buttons
  • Don’t use flash

Optimize for Your Website for Voice Search

As voice search functions increase in popularity, it becomes increasingly more important to optimize this part of your website. Voice search happens when someone speaks into their device and asks a question. 

This may be through voice assistants like, 

  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Apple’s Siri
  • Google’s Hey Google voice assistant 
  • Microsoft’s Cortana 

When users use the voice search function on their device, they’ll inevitably use more long-tail keywords as compared to regular keywords. You’ll have to adjust your SEO to include a more conversational tone. 

Think about traditional ways people ask a question, 

  • Who
  • What 
  • When 
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Also, it’s very important to consider user intent when you are optimizing your SEO. More often than not, someone is asking for a specific bit of information and is expecting a short, informational response. Make sure your hours of operation and contact information are easy to find 

How to Create High Quality Content for SEO Results

Creating high quality local content for your website not only increases your SEO results but draws local customers to your business. The best quality content includes useful and valuable information for the consumer but also drives traffic to your site.

By having shareable content on your website, you can 

  • Gain organic traffic through your content getting passed around
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Improve your CTRs
  • Rank high in search engine results
  • Generate leads 

What makes high quality content attractive to readers? It’s information they’ll use immediately to solve a problem or answer a question. When you are thinking about what kind of content you can include in your website, consider 

  • What kind of products or services do you offer in your company? If you are an HVAC company, include helpful tips on how to maintain HVAC systems. 
  • Do some research and have the most comprehensive answers on your website
  • Consider writing from your perspective and experience
  • Write on specific subtopics. Like which HVAC systems are good for your area. 

There’s a lot of information available on the internet. And users can probably find the answer to their problem on any number of websites. So you need to keep your content focused on local or industry news information to draw your local Dallas customers.

Try to become the place people come for information in your industry. You can do this by

    • Promoting local gatherings in the industry
    • Have videos that promote local charities or other causes your company supports
    • Include important news updates
  • Highlight employees
  • Create a helpful resource for new customers or visitors to the area
  • Provide educational content through a blog that correlates to your product or service. For example, if you sell real estate, offer how-to tips when looking for houses in the Dallas area. 

How to Maximize SEO for Your Company in Dallas, Texas

Knowing how to maximize local SEO results for your company in Dallas, Texas, is crucial 

to capture potential customers. Using SEO content and strategies to boost your page ranks in places like Google and Yahoo are essential to keep your business relevant. 

 By now, you should have a solid understanding of how SEO works and how to create a robust marketing plan. So that you can reach more local customers in Dallas. This includes

  • How to pick the best SEO keywords
  • How to maximize your website and layout
  • How to create high quality content 
  • Why you should have location specific pages for each business location
  • How to find the best SEO company in Dallas for your company’s needs. 

Because search engine algorithms and SEO strategies change rapidly, it’s important to be aware of what’s happening and stay ahead of it. If you feel overwhelmed or just don’t have the time, consider doing a search for the best SEO company in Dallas, Texas, to help you. 

This can save you time and energy to pour into other areas of your business. And by following the tips in this guide, you can create valuable content and optimize your website for the best local SEO results possible. With the ultimate goal of creating long lasting local customers for your company.